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  • •••• • Moku Hanga • ••••

    •••• • Moku Hanga • ••••

    ….so for the last few years I’ve been working on woodcuts,your basic run-of-the-mill relief type woodcut printmakingthat western printmakers do.A year or so ago,I became intrigued with theJapanese style of […]

  • Chicago Based Art Center

    LILLSTREET ART CENTER www.lillstreet.com When I went to the SGC conference this year I learned about several Printmaking Studios in the country. One that is not too far away and […]

  • Health and Saftey in the Arts

    If you have any concerns about or want to stay up-to-date on health and safety issues pertaining to the arts you can reference the following information: Visit: “Health and Saftey […]

  • THE JOURNAL of The Mid America Print Council

    Examples from the Journal PRINT Slang Introduction and Editing by Erik Waterkotte “A humorous, albeit practical, lexicon of printmaking studio vernacular from across the country… The printmaking studio is a […]