The Studio

The Studio



Tiger Lily Press includes equipment and a specialized work space for the following printmaking processes: etching, screen printing, lithography (polyester plate), relief, letterpress.

    1. Charles Brand etching press. 22″ X 44″ bed
    2. Custom-designed Takach-style etching press. 32″ x 54″ bed
    3. Small Brand proofing press 12″ x 18″
    4. Vandercook letterpress (including metal and wood type, furniture, leading materials). 20″ x 20″ bed
    5. Exposure unit for silk screen: 46″ x 58″
    6. Four color Screen Printing Carousel Press

Provided Materials

      • Saline sulfate and ferric chloride (vertical tank) etching supplies
      • Solvents and clean-up supplies
      • Tarlatan, felts, blankets
      • Newsprint
      • Blotters
      • Hand cleaners
      • Paper towels
      • Oil-based and water-based inks in basic colors
      • Hot plate: 27″ x 36″
      • Rollers, spatulas, ink palettes
      • Drying rack (48″ x 51″)
      • Storage drawers

Artists are responsible for

    • Paper
    • Specific Inks (including screen print ink)
    • Tools
    • Plates

Members have access to the studio seven days a week. 

Open Studio with a monitor

Open Studio hours provide new members with easy access to the shop and allows them to become familiar with studio procedures with a monitor on site, as well as the opportunity to work in the studio beyond regular Dunham operating hours. 

Current Studio Hours:

Saturday: 1 PM – 6 PM
Sunday: 1 PM – 6 PM

Stay tuned, members! Starting in January, our hours will be extending. We plan on having a hybrid reservation system for the weekends, to allow selected hours for an open and shared studio, and selected hours for reserved hours with the presses.

Follow our blog, social media, and newsletters in the coming months for more details as plans develop.

We thank you for your understanding and patience through these times.

Happy printing!