Tiger Lily Press is pleased to announce
Spring 2024 classes in printmaking at the studio!

Spring 2024 classes

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Designing and Printing the Poster

4-week course with Jon Flannery


Sundays March 3, 10, 17, 24

11 am – 2pm

(11am – 4pm final day)

Course Description

This course will give you the tools to design a beautiful AND functional poster. Posters are not paintings, they are often created in response to or in service of a current event (a concert, a call to action/protest, an annual event, etc). Therefore the poster must service its function within limited time and often limited means (budgetary limitations that directly effect the printing process). We will learn to creatively work with and against these parameters. The best posters are usually few colors, in order to serve as quick reads that leave lasting impressions. 

Topics covered

-Poster history, basic tenets of effective and efficient image-making, and color theory

-Creating visual impact within limitations of few colors and brief timeline

-Taking your poster from digital final to print (pre-press and separations)

-Basic rules and best practices of photo emulsion screen printing 

Course Agenda

Day 1: Posters / Graphic Design overview and conversation.

Image-sourcing, collaging, sketching and/or color-blocking for your poster.

Day 2: Poster design work day. Poster to be completed and separated for films by start of Day 3.

Day 3: Screen burning, color mixing, printing your edition.

Day 4: Printing & trimming your edition. Poster hanging and crit/conversation with light drinks and snacks


Members: $144

Non-members: $180


Provided by TLP, class fees:

Poster stock, ink (+ mixing sticks and additives), screens, press, squeegees, emulsion.

Films, image-source materials (Cryptogram).

Provided by Student:

Sketchbook/paper, preferred drawing/mark-making materials, laptop or desktop computer with adobe illustrator and photoshop, any additional image-sourcing materials you may have and want to use.

Helpful skills

-Adobe suite

-Basic image-making / composition 

-Screen printing experience and/or basic understanding of printmaking processes

Level of study



Jon Flannery is an artist/printmaker living and working in Cincinnati. He operates Cryptogram, an image-making studio in Northside. Specializing in graphic design and illustration often through the vehicle of print, the studio focuses on working with independent clients big and small. Through in-house silkscreen, there is an emphasis on the printed poster, and working with artists to produce singular and collaborative editions. 

Computers for Printmakers

3–week course taught by Jay Harriman


Saturdays, March 30, April 6 & 13

10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Course description

In this course we will explore everyday tools printmakers can use to digitize their work.
What is a high-resolution image and how do you create one to submit artwork?
How do you scan in old slides and negatives?
How to use Photoshop to create a print from a drawing or photograph?
Throughout three Saturdays, we will explore how printmakers can use computers as a tool.
We will use iPhones, the office printer, laptops, Adobe Photoshop, and thumb drives. 
Participants must bring existing prints, photos, drawings, slides or negatives. 
Anyone with a Mac or laptop or Photoshop is encouraged to bring them, but this is not a
This course Is intended for printmakers with minimal computer skills. Software installation will
not be covered. Students should be familiar with using an iPhone and computer to create,
save, and email photos. Students should be familiar with downloading new apps to the
iPhone when needed.
For any questions or concerns, contact Jay Harriman at [email protected]

Topics covered in class:
 How to use digital tools in printmaking
 Vocabulary: Analog images, Digital images, resolution, dpi
 The use of technology as a tool to work with original images
 Transferring slides to digital images

Course Agenda

Materials list (provided by class fees):

TLP will provide materials to construct a jig to scan slides: small cardboard boxes, foam
core, utility knives, and plastic defusing sheets.

Materials list (student provides):
 Students provide prints, drawings, and slides to be used as source material
 Students will use their iPhones, laptops, or Apple Macs, and Adobe Photoshop if

Level of study:
Beginner to intermediate


Members:  $108
Non-members:  $135


Monotype and Painterly Printmaking

2 Week Class with Maureen George

Schedule of classes:

Saturdays, April 20 and 27, 10:00 am-1:00 pm

Course description:

Monotype is a fun, spontaneous, experimental printmaking practice with limitless possibilities. Since “mono” means “one” printmakers create an image directly on a flat plate and transfer the image to paper on a press. The process results in a single print, though often a lighter layer of ink will remain on the plate, and can be printed on a second sheet of paper producing a ghost print.  Students will explore multi-drop, using layers of color in their prints/ghosts.

Topics covered in class:

  • Creating monotypes using subtractive and additive methods, mixing inks and additives, selecting papers, setting up the press, simple registration, printing on the press, eco-friendly ways to clean brushes brayers, and printing a ghost print

Course agenda:

  • Week one’s focus will be two-four color subtractive monotype technique—brayer ink on plates and create images with multiple transparent layers of ink.
  • In week two’s class, students will learn the additive monotype technique using brushes and other tools to create their images.

Materials list (provided by class fees):

  • Plexiglass plates
  • Oil-based inks and additives
  • Brayers, palettes, Tarleton, newsprint, and rags

Materials list (student provides):

  • Brushes
  • Printmaking paper
  • Paper towels

Level of study (beginner, intermediate, advanced):

  • Great for beginners and experienced artists/printmakers who haven’t done monotype

Helpful skills possessed by prospective students:

  • Drawing or design skills
  • A sense of adventure and improvisation in art

About the instructor:

Maureen has worked as an art therapist, and graphics creative. She has  moved from Ohio to Chicago, Florida, California, Northern Virginia, and back to Ohio combining design work with painting and printmaking. Intrigued by monotypes while living in California, Maureen took several years of workshops and learned many approaches to monotype and monoprint. She explores themes of water, swimming, figures, opera, abstracts, portraits, and nature. She began making non-traditional scrolls from her prints and has taught Tiger Lily Press workshops in scrolls and chine collé. She has exhibited in California, Washington, DC, Illinois, and Cincinnati area shows and belongs to Tiger Lily Press

Multi-Color Wood/Lino using a jig

4 - week class taught by Katrina Dienno

Schedule of classes (days and times): Saturdays May 4, 11, 18, 25   9:30-12:30pm

Course description: Learn how to make multi-color woodblock or linoleum block print with a handmade jig. We will cover reductive print techniques as well as prints that use multiple blocks. You will be able to decide which method is best for you, or that you would like to try.

  • How to design and draw your image. We will be layering color, so that is important to know as well.
  • Some basic safety when it comes to carving and handling your tools. This will include how to sharpen and maintain carving tools
  • We will be using a jig and pin registration to print. We will cover how to do this with in-class demonstrations.

Topics covered in class (create a brief  list, if applicable):

Learning to design a 2-3 color print

Brief overview of carving safety

Learn how to maintain and care for carving tools

Basic carving and printing skills

Materials list (provided by class fees): Ink, paper for printing, charcoal for transferring image, pencils and paper for sketching.

Student provides: An 11 x 14 in woodblock or linoleum block (will need multiples if doing multiple color blocks)  (can get cut to size at Lowe’s or Home Depot) Some wood types I recommend:  – Basswood (soft), Cherry (Hard), or Shina (most expensive but is soft and retains lines like hardwood), paper for sketching, pencils for sketching, sharpies for creating high-contrast image, any other source material for inspiration, basic set of carving tools (Speedball makes a good beginner’s all in one tool) or whichever set of carving tools you prefer to purchase. I have a separate list of supplies I use and recommend.

Level of study (beginner, intermediate, advanced): Beginner

Helpful skills possessed by prospective students: Basic drawing skills

Visual examples of the technique, preferably created by the instructor or under their previous class teaching. A photo of instructor would also be helpful.

I will provide this as soon as possible!  

About the instructor :

Katrina Dienno is an artist from Cincinnati Ohio. She completed her BFA at Miami University in 2010 and MFA at D.A.A.P University of Cincinnati in 2022. She currently adjuncts at both Xavier University and the Art Academy of Cincinnati where she teaches Drawing I and Art History classes. Her work has been featured in exhibitions both locally and nationally with her current body of work focusing primarily on myths, historical figures, and fairytales.

Watercolor Monoprinting: Screenprinting with Color

3–week workshop Taught by Stephanie Berrie

Schedule of Classes:

Sundays May 12, 19, 26; 10 am – 1 pm

Course description: Love watercolor painting? Want to learn how to screenprint it? Come learn about watercolor monoprinting at Tiger Lily Press this May. This is a basic workshop in which participants will create their own designs into screens and then print that design using water soluble materials. The results are a beautiful one-of-a-kind print that look very similar to a watercolor painting or drawing. Participants can have the option of making a one-layer watercolor print or a two-layer print with a watercolor base and key linework overprint

Topics covered in class: Creating stencils/ transparencies with photo emulsion, printing with watercolor/watercolor crayons and pencils

Course agenda:

Week 1: Making stencils: making transparencies using markers and photo emulsion, coating and exposing screens- I’ll show examples of a one-layer print with just the watercolor and a two-layer print with the watercolor base layer and a linework key layer

Week 2: Demo on printing: showing examples of printing with watercolor and watercolor pencils and crayons

Week 3: Work day- students can use this day to make their prints, re-expose screens, create their designs, etc

Materials list (provided by class fees):

Transparent Base




Photo Emulsion




Materials list (student provides):


Paint brushes

Watercolors (if you have your own you like to use)

Level of study: Beginner-Intermediate, student should have some understanding of screenprinting

Helpful skills possessed by prospective students: Previous screenprinting experience, drawing skills, painting skills

Visual examples of the technique, preferably created by the instructor or under their previous class teaching. A photo of instructor would also be helpful.

About the instructor:

Stephanie Berrie is an artist from Dayton, Ohio. She completed her BFA at the Columbus College of Art and Design in 2015 and her MFA at Texas Tech University in 2019. She is currently the Printmaking Lab Manager at the University of Cincinnati and part-time print professor. Berrie additionally owns and runs her own printmaking studio in Northern Kentucky, Wild Berries Press and co-runs studio collective, Spit Bite Studios. She has also been an artist in residence at the Charles Adams Studio Project in Lubbock, Texas and was Tiger Lily’s Annual Working Artist in Cincinnati, Ohio from 2020-2021. She has exhibited her printmaking work all across the nation, primarily in the Southwestern, Midwestern, and Eastern states and is an active member of the Mid America Print Council.  

Watercolor Monoprinting: Screenprinting with Color

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