Tiger Lily Press is pleased to announce
Fall 2023 classes in printmaking at the studio!

Fall 2023 Classes

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Large–Scale Relief Printmaking

4–week course

Taught by Katrina Dienno


Sundays, September 10, 17, 24, and October 1

9:30am – 12:30pm

Course description

Have you ever wanted to make large-scale relief prints? Now’s your chance! In this class, students will learn the basics of relief printmaking but on a much larger scale! Over four weeks, students will learn how to put together a one-color 24” x 30” print.

Topics covered include:

Learning to design a large-scale print

Brief overview of carving safety

Learn how to maintain and care for carving tools

Basic registration and paper laying skills

Basic carving and printing skills

Course Agenda

Sept 10: Learn how to put together a design or drawing with high contrast of blacks and whites

Sept 17: Learn basic carving safety and how to maintain and sharpen tools, prepare block with shellac and acrylic paint / work day

Sept 24: Work Day / All paper cut to size for printing,

Oct 1: Learn basic registration and how to print on press / work day

Level of study: Beginner

Materials list

(provided by class fees):

Ink, paper for printing, charcoal for transferring image, acrylic paint to cover block, shellac to coat MDF before carving, foam brushes

(student provides):

 MDF board 24 x 30” ¾” thickness (can get cut to size at Lowe’s or Home Depot) or students may use any other wood for printing – Basswood (soft), Cherry (Hard), or Shina (most expensive), paper for sketching, pencils for sketching, sharpies for creating high-contrast image, any other source material for inspiration, basic set of carving tools (Speedball makes a good beginner’s all in one tool) or whichever set of carving tools you prefer to purchase

Helpful skills:

Basic etching skills: hard/soft ground etching, copper or
zinc etching, printing intaglio plates, knowledge of how to use an etching press

Basic drawing/ composition skills


Class is full.

About the instructor: Katrina Dienno is an artist from Cincinnati Ohio. She completed her BFA at Miami University in 2010 and MFA at D.A.A.P University of Cincinnati in 2022. She currently adjuncts at both Xavier University and the Art Academy of Cincinnati where she teaches Drawing I and Art History classes. Her work has been featured in exhibitions both locally and nationally with her current body of work focusing primarily on myths, historical figures, and fairytales.

Reduction Linocut

4–week course

Taught by Jamie Schorsch


Saturdays, September 23, 30 and October 7, 14

10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Course description

Reduction linocut is a technique for achieving multiple colors in a single print while only using one block. One layer is carved away, printed across an edition, carved more, printed again on the same pages, and repeat as needed.

Topics covered include:

Explore the artform of reduction linocut printmaking using a variety of strategies for color application. Determine how to identify foreground, middleground, and background spaces to deconstruct an image for reduction. Carving a reduction linoleum block to print in colors utilizing single color and multi-color roll will be explored.

Course Agenda

Week 1: Introduction to Relief Printmaking: small presentation about the history of relief printmaking, discussion of reduction linocut examples, deconstruct images for transfer, begin the transfer and carving process.

Week 2:  Demonstration of block registration, printing initial editions of the first color, color application techniques, and continuing to break down the image.

Week 3: Continuing to print the reduction image and carve away materials.

Week 4: Discussion of editioning nomenclature and final work day.

Level of study: Intermediate

Materials list (provided by class fees):

Linoleum Block, Printing Ink and Supplies, Bristol Board, Transparency Paper,Transfer Paper

(student provides): 

Multiple Copies of Image for Print Creation, Pencil, Markers or Colored Pencils for Image Markup, Apron

Helpful skills possessed by prospective students:

Basic drawing skills and knowledge of the Elements and Principles of Design.


Members:  $144
Non-members:  $180

About the instructor: 
Jamie Schorsch holds a BFA and an MA in Art Education from the University of Cincinnati’s College of DAAP, and a Master of Education in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment with Certification in Teacher Leadership from the UC’s College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services. She carries a Senior Professional Educator Multi Age License (P-12) in Visual Art, was a 2022 Ohio Teacher of the Year Nominee, and recognized as an Outstanding Art Teacher in 2022 with the Southwest Region of OAEA. Jamie teaches at Oak Hills High School, where she serves as the Art and Design Department Coordinator. She is passionate about her life as an artist and actively creates and exhibits artwork.

Reduction Linocut

Print Your Own Holiday Festive Card!

Silkscreen Workshop 2–week course Taught by Stephanie Berrie


Saturday November 4 + Sunday, November 5, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm


Want to create a unique holiday card to spread the holiday cheer this season? Come on down to Tiger Lily Press where you can create and screenprint your very own design! The course will meet once a week for two weeks and will cover the basic screenprinting method of exposing and printing screens. No previous experience is required! Throughout the course, students will learn how to create transparencies from their designs, expose their designs into screens, and print their designs onto cards. As a result, each student will have their own stack of custom printed cards to send out to loved ones this holiday season. No better way to show someone you care than to make them a cool card, so sign-up and come keep the season festive at Tiger Lily Press!


Creating transparencies to print on cards with

How to coat and expose screen

How to print screens

Level of study: Beginner


First Meeting: Talk about screenprinting and how to make transparencies, demo on how to coat and expose screens, let students create their transparencies and expose screens

Second Meeting: Demo on how to print, print everyone’s screens, expose screens that weren’t last class


Members:  $72

Non-members:  $90


Class provides:

Screens, Photo Emulsion, Inks, Card Paper, Squeegees, Acetate, Transparencies, Light-Blocking Pens

Students provide: 

Sketchbook, Pens/Pencils, Tape

About the instructor: Stephanie Berrie is an artist from Dayton, Ohio. She completed her BFA at the Columbus College of Art and Design in 2015 and her MFA in Printmaking at Texas Tech University in 2019. She is currently the Senior Lab Associate of the printmaking lab at the University of Cincinnati and part-time print professor. Berrie has also been an artist in residence at the Charles Adams Studio Project in Lubbock, Texas and is currently Tiger Lily’s Annual Working Artist in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her specialties include: intaglio printmaking: hard ground, aquatint, soft ground, and mezzotints; alternative surface screenprinting; and stone lithography. When she’s not busy making weird prints and paintings, you can find her singing cat-inspired remixes of classic 80’s hits.

Print Your Own Holiday Festive Cards!

Block Printing on Fabric

1–day workshop Taught by Nancy Turner


Sunday, Nov. 5, 1:00 – 5:00 pm 


Learn the basics skills of block printing patterns on fabric


Selecting appropriate supplies and tools

Block and pattern design

Fabric selection and preparationCreating art and transferring to block

Carving tools and techniques

Preparing ink

Work station set upPrinting fabric

Clean up

How to heat set ink

Level of study:

Geared for beginner, but any level can participate and gain new knowledge and techniques.

Helpful Skills: 

Basic drawing skills (geometric shapes, curved lines)

Ability to maneuver block carving tools safely

Moderate hand strength to print


Members:  $48

Non-members:  $60


Class provides:

One 12” x 12”white bandana (already washed and ironed)

One 4”x6” Speedy Carve Block

Paper to create design


Carving tools

Ink of various colors

Clean up supplies

Students provide: 

Any other fabric pieces you would like to print. Should be tightly woven or knit. (T-shirts are ok.)

Several motifs you would like to use to create a block

About the instructor: Nancy G. Turner took printing in high school Shop class when she couldn’t get into the Graphic Arts class and has loved printmaking ever since. She hand prints fabrics (and paper pieces) using silk screen and block printing processes. Nancy designs her own patterns to print on thrifted textiles that she sews into household and personal accessories. She also designs and prints fun produce and floral motifs on towels.

Nancy teaches beginner silk screen printing classes at Tiger Lily Press, and has taught block printing on fabric at the Cincinnati Weaver’s Guild and the Cincinnati Art Museum educators program.

Nancy has a B.A. in English Literature with a minor in Graphics and worked for 20 years in corporate publications. She also has a MASM in counseling. She is a retired United Methodist clergy person. 

You can see her work on Instagram @ngturner22 and website: nancygturner.com.

Block Printing on Fabric