The 2022 Tiger Lily Press Calendar

The Tiger Lily biennial calendar is back! We have printed 100 calendars that will be available at our print market, Local Ink, as well as online. The calendars are $65.00 each. All proceeds go to support Tiger Lily Press’s ongoing programs. 

Note: most of the calendars have been sold as of November 22, 2021.


What’s inside

Each calendar contains 12 unique pieces featuring artists from Tiger Lily Press, which includes relief, serigraph, cyanotype, and letterpress prints.

One of the favorite features of our calendar is that each print can be trimmed free of the grid when that month is over, matted in a standard 11×14 inch mat (with 8×10 cutout) and framed, making it very easy to hang these wonderful pieces on your wall.

Artist credits:

JANUARY – James Billiter (Serigraph)
FEBRUARY – Stephanie Berrie (Serigraph)
MARCH – Rick Finn (Cyanotype)
APRIL – Mary Woodworth (Linoleum Relief)
MAY – Vanessa Sorensen (Linoleum Relief)
JUNE – Sammie Hayes (Letterpress)
JULY – Anne-Marie Herrera (Linoleum Relief)
AUGUST – Amy Foltz (HIPS Plastic Relief)
SEPTEMBER – Jay Harriman (Woodcut)
OCTOBER – Beth Brann (Linoleum Relief)
NOVEMBER – Fred Daniell (Linoleum Relief)
DECEMBER – Jonpaul Smith (Linoleum Relief)
COVER – Nora Young (Letterpress)

A huge thanks to all the artists who donated their time and talent to this important fund raising project.

Also thanks to Susan Naylor and Jonpaul Smith for project management. 


We are happy to be able to continue this tradition and hope you enjoy the collection of art as much as we enjoyed making it. 

We want to thank all of the artists and volunteers who contributed their talents and time to this project. We could not have done it without them.


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