Print Exhibitions @Cincinnati Art Museum

Julian Stanczak, “Swag” color Ink Jet
Color Color
is a small (but mighty) focus gallery
 created from our own permanent collection
 which highlights 20 color filled digital visual art
 created using brilliant color,
 dramatic moods and an inkjet printer from the 1990s. 
See it now in the
 Albert E. Heekin and Bertha E. Heekin Gallery.
 (Gallery 212 on the second floor) 
Now through March 22, 2015
Hiromu Sato, color woodcut
Modern Voices in Japanese Ceramics and Prints
February 07, 2015 to April 26, 2015
This exhibition of approximately thirty-five works
 will pair modern and contemporary
 Japanese prints and ceramics.
 The prints are from the Art Museum’s permanent collection,
 including selections from the
 Howard and Caroline Porter Collection.
 The Japanese ceramics of the same era are
 lent by Jeffrey and Carol Horvitz.
 Shown together, these works disclose a brilliant dialogue
 through shared rhythms, patterns,
 textures, emotions and ideas. 

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