Traveling with Theresa: Part 2

Hi from Theresa~
Guten Tag. (Good day)
Here is what I did this week at the Grafikwerkstatt in Dresden, Germany.
  They have a new-to-me process called Algrafie, which is a simplified form of plate lithography.
   I completed two editions of 10 prints each of
 close up drawings from our fall trip to the Cincinnati Zoo.
  These were simple studies of a large, intertwined tree in the Gibbon exhibit.
It was a great way to jump in and get familiar with the process.
Auf Wiedersehen!  (goodbye)
Wiping the plate with water

Rolling the plate with ink

Paper first, then plate on the press bed to print

One bugger of a press to run! Good for the biceps


Plate and print after printing



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