Tiger Lily Press Biennial Calendar Update

Tiger Lily Press, a fine art printmaking studio, announces that production has begun on its biennial fine art print calendar. Originally scheduled to be completed this fall for 2021, the calendar will now be for 2022. This decision was made because the print studio is closed until August 15 and Local Ink, the annual print market has been cancelled for this year. Local Ink was the primary point of sale for the calendar.

The calendar is a fund-raiser for the studio, with calendar artists donating their time and talent to the project. The cost of the calendar is $50 plus shipping. When the calendar is complete, there will be an announcement about how to purchase.

The paper has been ordered and the artists have begun working on their concepts. The calendar artists for 2022 as of press time:

James Billiter, Beth Brann, Fred Daniell, Rick Finn, Amy Foltz, Jay Harriman, Sammi Hayes, Anne Marie Herrera, Nicole Hollon, Jonpaul Smith, Vanessa Sorensen, Mary Woodworth, Nora Young

Calendar grid design: Nora Young

Project coordination: Jonpaul Smith and Nora Young

The calendar features a variety of printmaking techniques. All prints will be of a standard size to fit an 11×14-inch frame, resulting in a portfolio of prints after the calendar year has ended.

Posted June 8, 2020