Prints Donated to the Tiger Lily Press Archive

Chris Cotting

Tiger Lily Press is pleased to announce the donation of six prints created by a former press director, Chris Cotting, to its archive. Cheryl Eagleson, Cincinnati, Ohio, donated the prints from her personal collection to honor Chris’s contribution to the arts and printmaking in Cincinnati.

Ms. Cotting was a co-director of Tiger Lily Press, along with Mary Mark, from 1983-1984 when the press was located in a loft space at 4th and Plum Street. Beginning as a workshop participant at Tiger Lily, Cotting became a regular renter and soon a volunteer operational partner with Mark, keeping the print studio in business.

“Chris was a graphic designer from the ‘old’ school,” remembers Ms. Mark. “She used scratchboard and cut-and-paste and was very creative. She just wandered into the Fourth Street studio and became fascinated with what we were doing. She jumped in with both feet and quickly conquered collagraphs, etching, played with handmade paper. She became a regular with a beautiful smile and kind to everyone, no matter how obnoxious they were! A beautiful woman that I miss daily.” The prints donated are a selection of Chris’s collagraphs, monoprints, and etchings.

Monoprints, collagraphs, and etchings by Chris Cotting.

Christine Marie Cotting (1949-2012) was born in Columbus, OH. She attended College of Mt. St. Joseph on the Ohio, where she received a BA in English. She later made Cincinnati her home. Cotting was the Senior Editor for Harvey Whitney Books until she moved to Ashburn Village, VA in 1993 where she opened a business called Upper Case Publishing Company. She managed this business and lived there until her death. She loved her cats, jazz music, strong coffee, traveling and creating art. “Chris created art because it mattered to her essential self,” notes Ms. Eagleson. “It just came out of her in beautiful and unique works. I am pleased and grateful that Tiger Lily Press will add these pieces to its permanent collection.”

Collagraph by Chris Cotting with production notes

“The printmaking community of Cincinnati deeply appreciates the efforts of artists such as Chris Cotting and the many volunteers who have contributed to operation of Tiger Lily Press over the past 40 years,” says Louann Elliot, President of the Tiger Lily Press Board of Directors.

To learn more about the history of Tiger Lily Press here.

The Tiger Lily Press Archive includes prints from artist residents, visiting artists, past directors, biennial calendars, and portfolio editions, plus photos, reviews, and other printed materials. The Archive serves to document and preserve the history of Tiger Lily Press, and as an educational resource for current and future printmakers.

 — Carole Winters, January 2020


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