Tiger Lily Press Art Calendar Now on Sale

Our biennial art calendar is here and available for purchase! The 2019 calendar features prints & paper by thirteen artists & printmakers, 12 months, and letterpress covers. This year, we printed an edition of 120 calendars, with each month page by a different artist. The calendar includes relief prints (linocut), screenprints, marbled paper, and handmade paper in a variety of colors. There are three variations on the letterpress cover: black, a blue split fountain, and a red & black split fountain roll.

(Split fountains, also known as rainbow rolls, feature a gradient of color applied in one printing pass!)

Please review this entire page for all purchasing and shipping options.

If you’d like to purchase a calendar, you may do so for $50 USD & pick up the calendar in person at our studio or one of our events, you may do so by using the button below:

If you would prefer to have your calendar shipped to you, please scroll to the bottom of the page for a button with shipping added!


JANUARY   Hannah Peacock
FEBRUARY   Rick Finn
MARCH   Tory Keith
APRIL   Jay Harriman
MAY   Kathleen Piercefield
JUNE   Jonpaul Smith
JULY   Fred Daniell
AUGUST   Mary Woodworth
SEPTEMBER   Carole Winters
OCTOBER   Nicci Mechler
NOVEMBER   Joe Bohache
DECEMBER   Margaret Rhein

Cover & Coordinator   Susan Naylor
Monthly Grid Design   Julie Lonneman

Special thanks to Gary Walton
& Graphic Image Technology at Cincinnati State

As ever, thanks to the Cincinnati Recreation Commission for support & giving our studio a home at Dunham Recreation Center.

One of the favorite features of our calendar is that each print can be trimmed free of the grid when that month is over, matted in a standard 11×14 inch mat (with 8×10 cutout) and framed! Above is Mary Woodworth’s linocut with framing demo by Susan.

(Above: a peek at Susan Naylor’s split fountain letterpress work on two of the cover variations.)

(Above: Nicci Mechler’s October print during edition signing!)

(Above is a series of proof/test prints. Note that some were extra grids from previous projects, so not all the months are correct in this image! This is a small sample of the artwork inside, along with ink tests for various colors.)

If you’d like to purchase our limited edition calendar for $50 each and have it shipped to you ($10) safely tucked into a bubble mailer, please use the button below:

If you’re a print enthusiast outside of the US, please get in touch with us rather than using the button (which accounts for US shipping) and we’re happy invoice you via Paypal with custom shipping.


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