Drypoint Into Monoprint Workshop

Kathleen Piercefield’s Drypoint Into Monoprint workshop investigates mark-making on and printing plexiglass plates. Participants made test plates then worked on a single image for the remainder of the glass, experimenting with various scribes, rockers, etching tools, and sandpapers.

Participants worked on plexiglass plates with beveled edges, exploring the mark-making potential of various tools such as xactos, needle tools, diamond tipped etching needles, texture wheels, scrapers, and razors.

Mylar can be used as a plate as well. This is an image drawn lightly on mylar with a blade, wiped with ink, and printed. The mylar survived three printings before the deepest part of the drawing (the chin!) flexed enough to crack all the way through. A light touch with the blade is really important with mylar—scratch, don’t slice.

Jan used Akua inks (soy based, permanent, non-toxic) to print her organic drawing of a pod, then printed over it with a collagraph plate using translucent ink.

Kathleen’s investigations into drypoint are varied, from using mat board to plexi as plates, layering techniques, color, and monoprinting. She brought a delightful array of samples to the class to discuss possibilities, paper, and technique. Here are a few details of her elegant botanical prints:

Jay worked on a plate with a flower motif, using several tools to achieve various levels of darkness and line quality. He also added in some chine-collé and we all really loved his print. Before we could talk him into making an edition, his plate cracked. (Here’s a little detail of it inked, resting on a phone book and waiting to be printed.)


If any or all of this interests you, Kathleen is offering a second section of this class in the fall. This is a one-day workshop. New and experienced printers are welcome. New printers will learn how to drypoint a plexiglass plate, ink, wipe, and print. Experienced printers with existing plates will investigate combining drypoint with other processes such as monoprinting, collagraphs, pochoir, hand-coloring, and chine-collé.

Class date & time: September 10: 1-6pm.
Instructor: Kathleen Piercefield
Fees: $75 non-members / $60 members ($10 supply fee included)
Limit: 6 students.

Full class offering & signup: https://tigerlilypress.org/opportunities/classes/

If you’re browsing this post after the class date, or the class has filled, please contact us to express your interest in the class, and we’ll let you know when it’s offered again!


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