(Monoprint) Watercolor & Gouache with Sheila Fleischer

“Amaryllis” by Sheila Fleischer

Sheila’s Take on Monoprinting

The printmaking process of monoprinting is a form of producing prints that uses images or line that can be printed one time, unlike most forms of printmaking. where multiple prints are produced. Monoprints are handmade and hand-pulled from a press by the artist. They can also be produced by other methods of pressure, such as a wooded spoon or roller. Each monoprint is original and unique.

In my small monoprints, I wish to show the joy of color and a familiar abstraction of the landscape. I search to show repeated shapes found in nature. Each of these unique prints is an original work of art. The process is a combination of painting and printmaking. It is unpredictable in many ways. I love the adventure of surprise one feels as a print is pulled for the first time.

The special gift of these small works causes one to pause and reflect. The intimate size leads to close inspection by the viewer. To see all the details, one must get close. And that is a good thing.

For my process, I use Caran d’Ache and opaque watercolor on a plastic textured plate. Next I run the plate through a press transferring the image to printmaking paper. I sometimes work back into a print with watercolor pencils. Occasionally, a ghost image is left and I try to rework the plate. Although no two images are exactly alike, I can sometimes create a series of similar prints.

Artist’s Bio

Sheila is a artist/designer/illustrator and printmaker whose main focus is the landscape. Her works can be found in corporate and private collections in America, Italy, Mexico, England, South America, China, Japan, Scotland and Ireland. Her work has been exhibited at the Cincinnati Art Museum, The Phyllis Weston Gallery in Cincinnati, the Selo/Shevel Gallery in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Awakenings in Hyde Park, The Redtree Gallery in Oakley, The Cincinnati Art Galleries and at Bisbee Fine Art in Arizona, as well as many smaller venues.

In 2009, her work was juried into the Viewpoint 2009. The 2010 Arizona Collector’s Guide featured her paintings. She has previously established studios in Versailles, Kentucky. and San Diego, California, and has been honored with a “Best of Show” for her painting “River Kiss.” Sheila is a Signature member of the Cincinnati Art Club and Tiger Lily Press.

Published work includes, Aquai Magazine and the book, Earth and Sky.

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Sheila’s Website: www.sheilafleischerart.com

Interested in a class in this technique?


Thursday July 27, Friday July 28
10:00-3:30, half hour lunch
Instructor: Sheila Fleischer

This two day class will give participants the opportunity to explore a wide range of possibilities with Caran d’Ache watercolors and gouache in small print format. Emphasis will be on working intuitively to develop landscapes from memory or by using photos to inspire compositions. Additional techniques such as embossing will also be introduced as a way of enhancing prints. *Art teachers, this class offers a process easily adapted to the classroom.

Limit: 6 students  $120.00 non-members/ $105.00 members
$10.00 supply fee included

As of 1 July 2017, there are two seats remaining in this class. You can register at our classes page. If the class happens to be full, we’re happy to add you to our waiting list.