Tiger Lily Press Granted Nonprofit Status

Tiger Lily Press is pleased to announce it has been granted tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code and is now able to accept donations that are fully tax-deductible as of December 3, 2016. Tiger Lily Press is also now eligible to apply for government and foundation grants, which will further its mission to produce, preserve, and promote the art of printmaking.

“Indeed, this is a major turning point for us,” said Susan Naylor, President and Studio Manager. “Members have worked many years to achieve this goal, including former Director Theresa Kuhr, current Secretary April Foster, and myself. Tiger Lily Press is now an official arts organization in the City of Cincinnati with the ability to acquire funds to build programming, produce events, and achieve the dream of having a full time director and staff.”

“Tiger Lily Press has taken one small step for printmaking and a giant leap for the organization,” adds Jay Harriman, Vice-President. “Our new non-profit status signals to Cincinnati, and the arts community, that we are an arts organization fulfilling a mission: promoting printmaking as a vital form of expression. Tiger Lily Press will have an impact and legacy that will outlast all of us as members.”

Founded in 1978, Tiger Lily Press has been located on the grounds of the Dunham Recreation Center, and generously supported by the Cincinnati Recreation Commission, for over 18 years. The studio offers workspace, exhibition opportunities, classes, and a community for area printmakers. Volunteers with years of experience in the field of printmaking maintain and operate the studio. The studio is equipped with the presses and equipment needed for the fine art printmaking processes of etching, letterpress, relief, screen printing, and polyester plate lithography.

Donations made are now tax-deductible. If you wish to make a donation, we gratefully accept them via Paypal or check. Our mailing information: Tiger Lily Press, PO Box 5394, Cincinnati, OH 45205.

Thanks for your support!