Frank Herrmann: Monoprints and Other Works

Opening Reception: September 25,
 6 – 9 PM

Clay Street Press

1312 Clay Street Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202
Exhibition continues through November 14, 2015 

The mono-prints in this exhibition, created this spring and summer, consist of images created with stencils, laser cut wood and canvas and direct painting on plates. Layering and multiple runs through the press were used to build images that are abstract and convey the artist’s exploration of form and space that are usually, but not always, reminiscent of his explorations in painting. The exhibition will also include paintings and other new works on paper which will inform the prints.

  Frank Herrmann is an alumni of the University of Cincinnati, receiving his Masters in Fine Art in 1972, and a Professor of Painting there from 1973 until 2013. He is a recipient of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship in 2006. His works are in many public and private collections.

The artist on the Mono Prints...
    I was excited by Mark’s invitation to produce mono prints at Clay Street Press. I had not been engaged in printmaking since I was an undergraduate in the mid 1960’s.  The prints were produced from previously createdlaser cut forms as well as creating new shapes and templates, which the prints needed to push the images towardcompletion. This push allowed flexibility of space, texture and image. There are prints that explore my current Motif Pool series. And there are times  when the forms in the prints take on a new life and presence with possiblereference to still-life, landscape as well as abstracted fields.
 Frank Herrmann 

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