Working Artist Program Residency Jonpaul Smith


Tiger Lily Press WAP Residency May 2014 – May 2015

Many thanks to Jonpaul Smith as Tiger Lily’s third Working Artist. Jonpaul diligently worked in the studio every Thursday, pulling an impressive suite of prints from his collagraph/relief plates. His vision for otherwise discarded materials and the stories that went along with it were intriguing and entertaining. Jonpaul has a unique perspective that embraces the subtleties of life’s little quirks; his one cigarette per day philosophy, collecting bread tags and bottle caps, the meditative process of pulling apart 3-D wooden puzzle pieces and putting them back together on a flat, beautifully patterned plate, and working in a fashion that allowed for hours of storytelling about family and his childhood growing up in Indiana during his process, all the while religiously adhering to clean, professional standards of application and execution. He proved how intertwined his art and life are, serving as a role model for our local artists.

To view his work and projects visit his Blog and Website:

Price Hill Thrill – TLP photos – Jonpaul C. Smith | Artist | Woodcuts – Lithographs – Intaglios