Tiger Lily Press Calendars!

TIGER LILY PRESS, in it’s 36th year,
 currently only holds one fundraiser every other year…
The original, hand carved,
 hand printed woodcut calendar on beautiful Fabriano Rosapina paper.
For only $50 you get 14 prints from 13 local artists.  
That’s less than $4 per print!!
You can re-hang your favorite pages year after year.
Please help the studio prosper by forwarding on to family and friends, 
and purchase one for yourself or as a gift.
Calendar artists this year: Rachel Heberling, Joan Effertz,
 Jay Harriman, Susan Naylor, Tory Keith, Sherry Sicking,
 Chelsea Luessen, Jan/John Thomas, Jonpaul Smith,
 Aaron Ardell, Theresa G. Kuhr, Jack Arthur Wood, Jr. and Joe Bohache

We REALLY appreciate your help making this a successful fundraiser!
See our November 8th. post below for images
of all of the calendar pages and for
payment info.