Call to Greater Cincinnati Artists

SOS ART 2014
May 30 – June 8
The Art Academy of Cincinnati, 1212 Jackson St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

1) “SOS ART 2014”, a group art show and event of sociopolitical expressions for peace and justice, in its 12th consecutive year, will take place at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, May 30-June 8, 2014.
2) Greater Cincinnati Artists of all expressions (visual, verbal, musical, cinematographic, etc.) are invited to participate.
3) Attached is an artist submission form geared to the visual art component of the event. Artists of other expressions, please submit your proposal by an e mail return message.
4) Deadline for receipt of application is May 12, 2014.
5) All submissions will be considered and all works will be included provided they adhere to the theme of the show, are inclusive and space permits.
6) If you need additional information, have questions or suggestions, please contact:[email protected] or at 216 Erkenbrecher, Cincinnati, OH 45229.
Please participate and make your voice heard!
Please spread the word!

click here for submission form