Traveling with Theresa

Some of our blog readers may not be aware that our director,
Theresa Gates-Kuhr was just one of two Ohio artists
 selected to be included in the
Dresden (Germany) Residency Exchange for 2013.
The Ohio Arts Council funds the Dresden Residency Exchange — 
part of an ongoing cultural-artistic link between
 the State of Ohio and the city of Dresden, Germany.
 This program enables artists from Ohio and Dresden to
 become acquainted with
 the art and artists of each community, provides time for the artists to
 explore the printmaking resources of each location,
 and establishes ongoing artistic relations between Ohio and Dresden. 
Theresa arrived safely in Dresden a few days ago
 to begin her five week residency, making prints!

Here she is getting the keys to her living quarters
from the head of Dresden’s Cultural Art Dept.,
Martin Chidiac.
We’re very excited that Theresa has this wonderful opportunity!!
Theresa and the two other residency artists
already have an exhibition of their past work
opening this Monday, Sept. 30th.