The Human Face: A Revelation

Save the date for the Opening Reception of 

The Human Face: A Revelation

Curated by Saad Ghosn, 
and featuring work from three members of
Tiger Lily Press,
Susan Naylor, Saad Ghosn & Rick Finn.

July 19, 6 – 9 p.m.
Exhibition continues through August 23, 2013

Artisan Enterprise Center
27 West 7th Street,
Covington, KY.
The Human Face: A Revelation
 features two concurrent exhibitions including
 thirty-one regional artists curated by Saad Ghosn. 

For the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas,
 “the human face is the epiphany of infinity.” 
It can be a spiritual revelation taking the viewer
 beyond the immediate,
 creating connections, bridging understanding and 
unraveling possibilities. For the creating artist 
it can be a communication tool,
 sharing feelings and emotions, opening horizons, 
and propelling both the artist and the viewer
 into the infinite future.

Curator Ghosn states, “the human face,

 its expression and its eyes,
 provide a direct and immediate connection to an individual
 whether familiar or not. It can trigger
 in the viewer feelings and emotions,
 open new horizons, relate to the spiritual; it can also, however,
 and unfortunately, be a reason for prejudice and discrimination.
 The artist can capture or recreate a human face,
 and for the same reasons as listed above,
 use it as an expressive communication tool.”

Placed side by side, the exhibition is made up of two components

 and provides a diverse selection of
 communicative artwork through a wide variety of media.
 The first, explores Gerard Pottebaum’s color photographs
 of faces taken during his travels throughout the world. 
The second, is a group show including drawings and paintings
 by thirty artists who have past work dealing with the human face.

Artists whose work will be represented are Antonio Adams, 

Farron Allen, Rob Anderson, Amy Bogard, Jane Cash,
 Jeff Casto, Jan Brown Checco, Halena Cline,
 Marty Cooper, Rick Finn, Gary Gaffney, Stephen Geddes,
 Saad Ghosn, Mark Hanavan, Lisa Jameson, Bob Morris,
 Susan Naylor, James Oberschlake, Jim Pendery, 
Kelly and Kyle Phelps, Todd Reynolds,
 Emil Robinson, Alan Sauer, Kim Rae Taylor,
 Tina Tammaro, Tom Towhey, 
Yvonne van Eijden, Paige Wideman, Clint Woods,
 and Gerard (Jerry) Pottebaum.