Solvent-Free Sundays

Solvent-Free Sunday (Second Sundays 12-5pm)

Tiger Lily Press is going “green”
 by experimenting with water-soluble inks
 that clean up with soap and water,
 as well as printing with alternative, non-toxic materials. 
Come in for an open studio session
 where members can work with
 water-based screen printing,
 monotype, relief, collagraphy, and drypoint,
 as well as etching with acrylic grounds
 in our less-toxic Saline Sulfate or Ferric Chloride baths.
 Bring in your own materials to
 compare techniques and browse
 through books to learn more about
 these alternative processes.
 In the meantime, check out
 this new website by Zea Mays,
 dedicated to researching
 the safety of printmaking materials:

Happy going green!

 And bring a friend to come and see
 what Tiger Lily and printmaking are all about!

Please note: there are NO solvents/oil based materials

 to be used on this day
 as there are some with sensitivities
 who cannot tolerate them.
 Also, this is an open studio session 
with a monitor- no formal instruction is provided.