Two Local Print Exhibitions

Lucia Volker: Untitled (Blue)

Since 2002, Purdue Galleries (Purdue University) has presented three 
“Global Matrix”  touring print exhibitions,
 each featuring fine art printmaking by artists from around the world.

“Global Matrix III”
will be shown at the
Robert & Elaine Stein Galleries
Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio
from Oct. 31 – Dec. 9, 2012
For more information on this touring 
print exhibition, click here.
Also on exhibition:

Dayton Matrix: A Regional Print Exhibition

offers a refreshing glimpse of the breadth of
 fine-hand printed images being produced in the Dayton region.
  The thirty-nine artists whose work is included in the show
 were invited to participate by Kim Vito,
 Professor of Art, Department of Art and Art History.
  All of the artists have a connection to
 the Dayton Printmaker’s Cooperative 
and/or Wright State University.  Exhibiting artists include:

Ray Must, Professor Emeritus
      Ernest Koerlin, Professor Emeritus
David Leach, Professor Emeritus

Erin Holscher Almazan
Aaron Ardell
Joseph Barrish
David Battle
Matthew Burgy
Bruce Campbell
Aaryn Combs
Jeff Dabney
Andrew Dailey
Julia DePinto
John Driesbach
Jenn Flick
Matthew Fritz
Shannon Grecula
Kyleen Greene
Donivan Hahn
Kevin Harris
Claire Houghton
David Kirkwood
Mia Knight
Al Lochtefeld
Patrick Mauk
Ryan McCullough
Maria McGinnis
Tyler Peffley
Gabriella Pickett
Kathryn Pitstick
Danielle Rante
Nick Satinover
Sherraid Scott
Jessica Shanaberger
Andrea Starkey
Jessica Swabb
Doug Taylor
Frank Travers
Barb Weinert-McBee