“Starry Night Festival “

Starry Night Festival
A Music and Arts Festival in West Lafayette, Indiana
 has invited Tiger Lily Press to set up an area to demonstrate
 printmaking and sell prints and posters 
at their annual festival. We would need a group of artists (3-5) for the booth. 
Additionally, in an effort to create revenue for the event
 they are planning to sell a T-shirt that has the event logo 
and sponsors already screen printed on the back, and they 
would like to have artists donate woodblocks to be printed 
on the front at a hands-on art area during the evening.  They have
 people that could handle the printing but would like someone 
from Tiger Lily to oversee it.  The woodblocks can be 
created for the theme or you can donate one that is already 
cut and seems to be appropriate.  Size: Not Specific-generally 
around 10” x 10”, or there about, to fit on an average t-shirt.
If you are not able to make the function you can 
still donate a woodblock.  Have your design
 on the front of Tshirts!!! 
Walking public art works!!
The focus of Starry Night is on the power of story –
 inspiring learning to change the world.  
The festival is Friday, September 18, 2010 at 6:30pm
Check out their website here for further info.
Contact Theresa if you’re interested in participating.