The Next Generation Event

The Next Generation Event
held on May 26th was a great success!
Thanks to Mark Patsfall, Rick Finn,
Jack Campbell from The Cincinnati Book Arts Society,
Margaret Rhein of CBAS and Terrapin Paper,
the Professors at UC, Xavier, Art Academy, 
Miami U. and  the 14 students that attended with their work.
  It was a well overdue gathering that will serve
to strengthen our Print Community and to inspire us each individually.
The student’s, and recent grads, showed their work
and each spoke for a few minutes.
Jase Flannery   Ohio State University
Jenna Zavala    Xavier University
Jake Ferry      Xavier University
Emily Caito     University of Cincinnati
 Lizzy Duquette   University of Cincinnati
Aaron Kent    Art Academy of Cincinnati
Linda Winder   Art Academy of Cincinnati
Sydney Wise   Art Academy of Cincinnati
Chelsey Hughes   Art Academy of Cincinnati
Jon Flannery   Art Academy of Cincinnati
Albert Webb   Miami University
Jeanne Luthi   Miami University
Mallory Neidenthal  Miami University 
We’ve had numerous positive comments
on the student’s work, and the evening in general.

Thanks to all who helped to make it a successful evening!

Check out the slideshow
on the sidebar for photos from the night.
Thanks to Dave O’Connell
for taking the pictures for us!