To TLP members
 Julie Lonneman & Mary Provosty!
Both artists received individual artists grants from
the City of Cincinnati for 2008.
Julie Lonneman ($5,880) for a series of linocut relief prints about Knowlton Street in Northside and an exhibition. “I’ve long been fascinated by the stretch of Knowlton between Hamilton and Crawford Avenues, which I traverse almost every day on my way to my studio,” she says. “I often travel by foot or bicycle, giving me ample time to observe the interesting aspects of the street. In this short stretch are homes, factories, businesses, a neighborhood bar, two organic gardens, a bicycle co-op, art studios, a storefront church and a funeral home.” She plans to create 10 prints which she hopes will encourage viewers to see the “value in the often overlooked and sometimes edgy beauty of a city neighborhood.”

Mary Provosty ($6,000) for creation/exhibition of linoleum prints and fabric quilt with photo-reproduced print images.