Classes at Tiger Lily Press 




Although the classes have been postponed for now, below is a sampling of what we typically offer. 

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Recreating Old Prints and Proofs
Instructor: Brett Schieszer
$48 members, $60 non-members
Maximum 6 participants

What to do with those old prints that didn’t make the edition? Take your old or unfinished prints and turn them into some of your favorites! This class will introduce pressure sensitive adhesive and several ways to incorporate it into your printmaking or general studio practice. We will investigate general application, registration, setting and include helpful tips!

Participants should bring existing prints, collage elements, utility knives and tracing paper.

Brett Ferguson Schieszer holds a MFA in printmaking from Arizona State University. He has worked as an assistant at Lawrence Lithography Workshop in Kansas City as well as Cirrus Editions in Los Angeles. He moved to Cincinnati in 2013 where he has taught printmaking at Northern Kentucky University and The Art Academy of Cincinnati. He maintains a studio space where he explores collage and other 2-D works.


Collagraph Printmaking
Instructor: Mary Woodworth

$126 members, $158 non-members
Maximum 6 participants

Make your own plates with ordinary materials! Using cardboard, paper, fabric, modeling paste and acrylic mediums participants create plates which can be printed alone or in layers. We will introduce block out stencils and cut shape collagraph plates to expand the possibilities for abstract composition. Mary will offer advanced techniques in multi plate printing to more advanced students who may wish to repeat a class from previous offerings.

Participants should feel free to bring any cardboard/matboard as well as textured paper or fabric.

Mary Woodworth received a MA in Art Education at the University of Cincinnati. She has been hand-printing for over 25 years, exhibiting work from a full range of printmaking techniques during that time period, from bold graphic black and white relief prints to lush abstract monotypes.



Cyanotype 101
Instructors: Jonpaul Smith and Rick Finn

Maximum 6 participants

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Through the use of transparencies and direct object exposure (photograms) we will explore cyanotypes. Students will learn how to prepare their paper, create transparencies, and expose their designs. On day two we will learn to bleach and tone our cyanotypes. Come ready to learn and explore this accessible and varied technique.

We anticipate offering a future Cyanotype which will build on this technique and explore advanced topics.

Jonpaul Smith was the Tiger Lily Press Working Artist in 2014. Smith received his M.F.A. and graduate certificate in Museum Studies from the University of Cincinnati. He is a Tiger Lily Press board member. 

Rick Finn is a printmaker living in Cincinnati and has a long association with Tiger Lily Press. He is interested in non-toxic printmaking techniques, mokuhanga, and now, cyanotypes. 




Introduction to Polyester Lithography
Instructor: Jay Harriman

$108 members, $135 non-members
Maximum 6 participants

Polyester lithography plates (aka Pronto Plates) are a cheap, non-toxic, and lightweight alternative to litho stones. They can be used with commonly available supplies for a wide range of print projects and easy classroom use. We will explore printing drawings, designs, and photographic images. No prior print experience necessary.

Participants should bring any designs/drawings for a print and printmaking paper such as Rives or Stonehenge for final prints.

A future Color Polyester Lithography class offering will build on this course to cover multiple color and registration printing with polyester plates.

Jay Harriman is a volunteer, a Tiger Lily Press board member and a printmaker. He has worked in IT for twenty-five years, and has taught part-time at Miami University.



Gelli-Plate Printmaking
Instructor: Jacqueline Sullivan

$30 members, $38 non-members
Maximum 6 participants

Gelli-Plate monoprinting explores the endless possibilities of texture, design, collage and transfer techniques. Participants are encouraged to investigate multiple layers and colors and papers. Anything from deli paper, tissue, sketch, rice paper and printmaking paper will give positive results.

Jacqueline will demonstrate the printing possibilities of handmade gelatin plates vs provided commercially made plates. Registration of plate to paper is crucial for multiple layers and will be explained thoroughly. You may wish to bring stencils or stamps to experiment with and /or magazine images with good color; faces transfer well. An assortment of these items will be available to share.

Jacqueline Sullivan is a mixed media artist and calligrapher. She has taught classes at art retreats, conferences and colleges in the United States, Canada and Europe. Since relocating to Cincinnati, she has been a Tiger Lily Press member.


Introduction to Intaglio – Three Processes: Line etch, Soft Ground and Aquatint
Instructor: Amy Foltz

$90 members, $112 non-members
Maximum 6 participants

This class will explore the basic techniques of Intaglio printmaking using a 4 x 6” copper plate. We will explore a different technique in each of the three classes. The first class will cover plate preparation, grounding, drawing, and etching the plate. The second class will cover soft ground application, and the third class will cover aquatinting. We will be proofing and printing the plate as we progress through the classes.

Participants should bring one or two drawings about 4×6” in size that can be used as print designs.

Amy Foltz has extensive training and educational degrees in the art of making prints using many varying techniques. Carved blocks (of wood and various plastics), etched plates, and other techniques are part of her printmaking repertoire.



Pochoir: Color Layering Monotypes with Stencils
Instructors: Kathleen Piercefield and Andrea Knarr

$48 members, $60 non-members
Maximum 6 participants

Using the principles of process color printing (overlapping transparent layers of red, yellow and blue) we will print layers of ink on thin paper or found object stencils to create colorful and surprising images. Students will take home four to eight 11 x 15″ prints to continue to draw, paint, or collage on, or to frame as is. No drawing skills necessary, just a willingness to experiment!

Kathleen Piercefield majored in studio arts at Murray State University, studied watercolor at the Baker-Hunt Foundation in Covington, and earned a BFA in printmaking from Northern Kentucky University.  Over the past 25 years she has given private art lessons to students of all ages and exhibited her work regionally and nationally.  In 2015 she joined Tiger Lily Press, and in the past several years has taught classes in drypoint, collagraph and monotype in the Tiger Lily studio.

Andrea Knarr retired from Northern Kentucky University where she was the printmaking coordinator for 25 years. She taught a full program of printmaking processes with a special focus on mixed media, intaglio, and color printing. Her work has won numerous awards and has been shown extensively in galleries, museums, and universities across the United States.