Working Artist Program (WAP) Residency

Tiger Lily Press is pleased to announce that the 2019 Working Artist Program (WAP) residency has been awarded to Breanne Trammell of Cincinnati, OH.

Breanne Trammell is an artist whose practice is rooted in printmaking but by no means limited to traditional print media.  She states: “I thrive on pivoting between print, graphic design, digital platforms, installation, sculpture, performance, participatory and public projects, as well as institutional archives as a site for artistic inquiry.” She earned a BFA in Studio Arts with emphasis in Printmaking at the University of Texas, and an MFA in Printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design. Since 2017 she has been an Assistant Professor of Fine Art at the University of Cincinnati. More about her various projects can be seen on her website:

Her residency at Tiger Lily Press in 2019 will allow her to continue work in an ongoing series of prints that she has created during residences at the Kala Institute (Berkeley, CA), the Women’s Studio Workshop (Rosendale, NY), and the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts (Nebraska City, NE). About this work she says:  “For over a decade, I have used Twitter as a digital record book where I post notes to self, puns, half-thoughts, dumb jokes, slang, celebrity sightings, bird sightings/identification, and more. Using the rich history of printmaking, my project TXTS IN THE AGE OF MECHANICAL REPRODUCTION (TXTS) transforms these digital entries into tangible objects. This project aims to honor the significance of the insignificant and the poetics of the everyday.”

She will utilize the letterpress equipment at Tiger Lily Press to expand on this series, and the other presses in the studio to create additional new work, as she prepares for a solo exhibition at the Weston Art Gallery in June 2020.


How to Apply

The goal of the WAP Residency is to connect Tiger Lily with a local artist who is passionately committed to their work and their artistic community, interested in seeking out possibilities for expanding their current work into printmaking or challenging their existing love of printmaking through a focused residency project. Through their creative drive and work ethic, the artist serves as a role model for the members of Tiger Lily Press and is asked to engage with the greater community to increase awareness of and education in the field of printmaking.

The Working Artist Program Residency was established in 2012. The duration of the residency is nine months, spanning February-November. Out of town applicants should note that housing is not provided and is the responsibility of the artist.

2019 Recipient: Breanne Trammell
Past recipients include: Renee Harris (2018), Brad Thiele (2017), Rick Finn (2015-16), Jonpaul Smith (2014-15),  Jack Arthur Wood (2013-14), Jan Thomas (2012-13).

Benefits of the WAP Residency include:

  • $300 materials stipend
  • One year free membership to Tiger Lily Press ($175 value)
  • Free admission to one class or workshop at Tiger Lily Press
  • The opportunity to present work at an artist talk open to the public at Tiger Lily Press during the residency
  • Assistance from the WAP chair, if desired, to facilitate a final exhibition of work produced during the residency at an outside venue

In return, the WAP Resident is expected to:

  • Teach a class OR offer a demonstration drawing from their experiences during the course of the residency
  • Meet with the WAP chair on a regular schedule (frequency to be determined on a case-by- case basis)
  • Write a short personal statement at the conclusion of the residency reflecting on the experience, to be submitted to the Tiger Lily Press Board for archival purposes
  • Donate one print created during the residency to Tiger Lily Press for archival purposes

To apply:

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age and not a full-time student
  • Applicants should possess basic skills in traditional printmaking media

Applicants to the Working Artist Program must submit:

  • Artist Statement (PDF) – A brief description of your work and process, including the context or perspectives that inform your work
  • Project Proposal (PDF) – A one-paragraph description of the project or goal that you hope to accomplish during the duration of the residency. Please take into account the equipment available at Tiger Lily Press
  • Resume (PDF) – A current resume that includes any relevant educational, work, or teaching experience, awards, or exhibitions. Please include a brief description of your previous printmaking experience
  • Recent Work (PDF) – 5-10 images of recent work accompanied by a numbered list that includes titles, media, and year. Images should be submitted in high quality .jpg format, 1000px on the longest side and at least 72 dpi. File names should be formatted as Last name (underscore) First name (underscore) Number corresponding to the accompanying image list. Example: Doe_John_1.jpg

Submissions should be sent:

  1. Preferred submission method – Email
  2. Send By Mail
    Tiger Lily Press
    P.O. Box 5394
    Cincinnati, OH 45205