Introducing Tiger Lily’s New Working Artist Program Resident, Rick Finn

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“Dead Weight” 
Chine colle drawing and mokuhanga woodblock  5″ x 7″
Tiger Lily Press is pleased to announce that its
2015-2016 Working Artist Program residency has been awarded to Rick Finn of
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Mr. Finn attended the Cleveland
Institute of Art and Toledo Museum of Art, School of Design. He currently lives
and works in Cincinnati, where he maintains a printmaking studio in Brazee Street
Studios in Oakley. His work is in the collections of the Cincinnati Art Museum, University of
Cincinnati, and
 Toledo Federation of Art Societies.
his preferred printmaking technique is etching, beginning in 2009 he began to
focus on the Japanese style of making woodcut prints referred to as “mokuhanga”.
 The technique involves using diluted water-based paint or sumi ink,
mixed with rice paste, brushed onto the surface of the carved wood block, and
then printed on dampened Japanese paper. A baren is used, instead of a printing
press, to provide the necessary pressure to produce the print.
about 2005, the subjects of his prints have primarily been portraits of the
downtrodden, neglected, and those forgotten throughout the years. Recently, he’s
been experimenting with incorporating drawings into the prints (as chine colle)
as well as moving toward more narrative imagery.

“Prayers for a Happy Death 3” 
Chine Colle photo and mokuhanga woodblock, letterpress   5″ x 14″

fact that I have no formal training in mokuhanga has allowed me to explore the
process on my own terms while learning from my mistakes along the way. I tend
to be a process oriented printmaker, and mokuhanga has taught me to be more
focused and disciplined in my practice,” says Mr. Finn.  
goal for the Working Artist Program is to continue exploring the mokuhanga
technique, along with the addition of chine colle drawings. That unlikely
combination of techniques has proven to be a challenge, and I will focus on
refining the process. My plan is to create a suite of images that will also
include some form of letterpress printed text. Once the prints are complete,
they will be stored in handmade portfolios that will include my own marbleized

Gates Kuhr, President of Tiger Lily Press, welcomes Mr. Finn. “Rick Finn is one
of the region’s most talented printmakers. His attention to detail, process,
quality, and respect for the traditional methods of printmaking is found only
among the finest printmaking artists.  Evidence of this is in his approach
to master the Japanese printing technique, mokuhanga, first used in the 17th
century. Tiger Lily Press has been honored to have Rick as a long-time member,
supporter, and volunteer. We look forward to the opportunity to feature his
work, and learn from his disciplined efforts to master his techniques during
the Working Artist Program this year.”
Lily’s Working Artist Program began in 2012. The program’s goal is to connect
with a local artist that is passionately committed to their work and their
artistic community, interested in seeking out possibilities for expanding their
current work into printmaking or challenging their existing love of printmaking
through a focused residency. The artist is to serve as a role model for
the members of Tiger Lily Press through their creative drive and work ethic and
is asked to engage with the greater community to help bring awareness and
education in the field of printmaking. Artists are selected by invitation from
the Tiger Lily Press President and Board of Directors. The program stipend is
underwritten by Board Member Saad Ghosn.

Artists may indicate interest in future residencies by submitting a letter of interest and CV to the WAP Residency committee at:  P.O. Box 65, Monroe, Ohio 45050.


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