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Opening this Friday, Aug.6, 6-9 PM

Arthole’s Realhot Toy Show

featuring TLP members,
Aaron Kent, Bekka Sage,
Emily Caito & David Jarred.

Cincinnati artists Kenton Brett, Emily Caito, David Jarred,
John Hancock, Aaron Kent and Bekka Sage
present Arthole’s Realhot Toy Show
 featuring handmade toys, videos and an interactive
 installation the evening of the opening  which includes
the “brown gallery”, a portable mini art gallery
 completely contained inside of a portable toilet
 which will be installed on Hamilton Avenue in front of Prairie.

The work installed in Prairie’s main gallery
space typifies Arthole’s playful take on traditional
 object based art. The individual members of the
group have fabricated toy like objects using a variety
 of media including drawing, cut paper, ceramics, sculpture,
 animation and glass blowing. These stylistically
diverse objects use the idea and form of toys to humorously
 comment on the fascination, even obsession,
of the art community with producing and collecting
 art purely as a financial enterprise.

This subversive approach has defined Arthole’s
 past performance and installation projects in Cincinnati, Chicago, Indianapolis and other cities.
While the intention of the group is to
reflect on the state of the contemporary art world,
 their close attention to craft and mastery
 of a variety of media has produced a set of works
which are beautiful and collectible in
their own right.

Arthole will also perform a new
work titled “War Games” inside the
gallery the night of the opening.
The run of the show, which concludes on September 18,
 also features a video projection by Kenton Brett
 and David Jarred which will be shown at
sundown through sunrise on a video screen installed
 on the street façade of the gallery.


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