TLP Artist Members

Thanks to our current members for their support. Without the loyal and continuing support of our members since 1978, we would not be in existence today. See you in the studio!

Altavilla, Ingrid
Billiter, James
Bohache, Joe
Chaney, Jim
Daniell, Fred
Danielsson, D. R.
Effertz, Joan
Elliott, Louann
Foltz, Amy
Foster, April
Ghosn, Saad
George, Maureen
Harriman, Jay
Harris, Renee
Herrera, Anne Marie
Hollan, Nicole
Keith, Tory
Knarr, Andrea
Knolle, Andrew
Mark, Mary
Mechler, Nicci
Menefee, Connie
Miller, Lisa
Orlemann, Nikki
Peacock, Hannah
Pringle, Blanche
Rhein, Margaret
Rosh, Allison
Roundtree, Jonathan
Stringer, Helen
Thomas, Jan
Trujillo-Dinius, Carla
Turner, Nancy
Winter, Carole
Woodworth, Mary

TLP Friends

Finn, Rick
Fleischer, Sheila
Foster, April
Golubieski, Mary
Kent, Aaron
Naylor, Susan
Pearce, Sara
Piercefield, Kathleen
Rose, Cheryl
Smith, Jonpaul
Sorenson, Vanessa