What if I want to check out the studio before deciding if I want to be a member?

The public is welcome to visit the studio. The best times to visit and be able to ask a few questions or get a brief tour are during Open Studio sessions. These are regularly held Tuesday’s 6-9pm, Friday’s and Saturdays 1-6 pm and the second Sunday of the month 1-6 pm. We recommend you check the calendar each month for additional event opportunities and holiday schedule changes.

What printing processes are available at Tiger Lily Press?

Tiger Lily Press includes equipment and a work space for the following printmaking processes: etching, screen printing, lithography (polyester plate), relief, letterpress. Currently we do not offer facilities for stone lithography or etching with nitric acid.

Do I need a degree in printmaking to become a member and work in the studio?

No, but you must have experience in one of the printmaking processes or take one of our classes.

If I am not a printmaker, can I still join?

Absolutely. If you love printmaking, we welcome you to join us for Tiger Lily presentations, field trips and social events. However, if you want to use the studio, you must have printmaking experience.

How do I decide which membership level is best for me?

Tiger Lily memberships are currently set up to allow for printing memberships and non-printing memberships.

$175 is our membership fee for a year of studio use (unlimited except by our facility’s hours of operation), class discounts of 20%, opportunities to participate in group shows, portfolio exchanges, and other unique events which may be scheduled and vary by year,  first priority at invitational shows and print sale, as well as a drawer for storage of paper & materials at the press. The biggest unwritten benefit of this level of membership is access to other printers working in the space, inspiration and exchange of ideas that always comes with sharing a space with other creatives.

$50 is our Friend of Tiger Lily Press membership suitable for non-printing members (this membership level does not include open access to the studio’s equipment). Friends of Tiger Lily do receive 20% class discounts and can attend Tiger Lily Events.

When is my membership fee due?

Yearly membership fees are collected each January. You must be paid up in order to use the studio, participate in Tiger Lily member events and shows, and receive the members’ discount for classes. If you are joining Tiger Lily for the first time after January, your fee for the current calendar year is due when you join. If you join after October first, your membership fee will also cover the following calendar year.

Is my membership fee refundable if I find I am not using the facility?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund membership fees. Membership fees are not refundable or transferable to another year.

If I have no prior experience printmaking, can I learn printmaking at Tiger Lily Press?

Yes, our classes are a great way to gain experience in printmaking techniques and can lead to your independent use of the studio. We also recommend working during open studio while a studio monitor is present until you feel comfortable working on your own.

When it is not open studio, how do I get access to the TLP studio?

Go to the front desk of the Dunham Recreation Building, ask for the key, sign in the book. The recreation employee will go with you to the Schoolhouse building, unlock the door and turn off the alarm if no one has done this. They will give you the key which unlocks the studios. The key must be returned when you are finished and you must sign out.

If the door to the building is locked, but I think that someone is there what do I do?

Look to the right of the door to locate a buzzer. Ring it and wait until the person in the building can open the door for you.

How do I turn on the heat or air conditioning?

Inside the door of the letterpress room to the right is a wall unit with a button on the side. Push the button twice and the heat or ac will run for two hours. A red light will come on indicating that the studio is occupied. There is a slider to increase or decrease the temperature.

How do I receive PDU (Professional Development Units) credit as an educator taking a class at Tiger Lily Press?

Upon successful completion of class or workshop the participant will be given a PDU certification form from Tiger Lily Press which the educator can file with their school district’s personnel department.

Where can I buy original prints by Tiger Lily Members?

There is an annual print sale at The Clifton Cultural Arts Center in November.

Can you print a plate or block for me?

Tiger Lily is not a production press that prints for other people. It is a studio for artists to create and print their own original work.