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Tiger Lily’s First Working Artist
May – July, 2012
Welcome, Jan Thomas!
Jan is kicking off our new Working Artist Program at Tiger Lily Press.
 She has been invited to work at the studio for three months
producing a body of prints, one of which will be chosen to remain
 with the studio’s archives. Jan started by meeting with
 Susan and Theresa last week,
 forecasting out her stay, and has since met with Susan to get a tour
 of the studio and its equipment.  Jan plans to work primarily in the
 collagraph process, rumored to be dealing with things such
as doll clothes and little black dresses??
  We will see how things progress as she ventures through
 her focused residency in our small but mighty print shop.
During her stay she will also bring in and work with
various artists groups from the community.
 So far she has arranged for a collective of Montessori teachers
 to come in May and the Art for Artists group will join Jan
 for three days in June to work on collagraphs.
We have given Jan administrative license for our
 Tiger Lily Facebook page
 so that she can post and journal her days as she works
 over the next three months.
  So tune in to watch the process unfold!
 We also plan to photograph and
videotape some of the work in progress to record and share her stay.
  In addition, we will announce a few select days
 that will be open for visitors to come in,
 mingle, converse and see what Jan is up to.
Jan is a wonderful, inspiring artist and
 we look forward to getting to know her!

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