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The Art Academy of Cincinnati Pearlman Gallery Presents

Translating Nature: Prints by Nancy Friese

Exhibition Dates: October 14 November 11, 2011

The Art Academy of Cincinnati is pleased to present Translating Nature: Prints by Nancy Friese, an exhibition featuring 25 etchings, woodcuts and monoprints. Nancy Friese’s landscapes reflect nature’s forms using colors, lights, textures and spaces from a chosen view and a specific place. Her painterly monoprints transform traditional landscape into an explosion of lush color and amorphous shapes. The thickly layered clouds suggest receding storms, with the air just clearing. The artist paints her monoprints directly onto a metal plate and then puts them through the press, producing one final print that she further individualizes by adding gouache. The image is built up with the gouache and with layers of colored inks added by sequential passes through the press. The colors overlap and merge, giving the prints the ebullience of watercolors.

Frieses etchings, though more somber, also incorporate distorted tree and cloud forms. Her drawings, which precede the printed images, are often done out of doors and have the same gestural quality that ultimately appears in the prints. The artist says: the sky’s light and forms and the land’s trees and textures are what I build my composition and mood around.”

Frieses paintings and prints have been exhibited in 30 solo shows and 170 group shows, nationally and internationally. The recipient of several prestigious awards, Friese was elected to the National Academy (Museum and School in New York City) and received three National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, including the Japan-US Friendship Commission Creative Artist Fellowship.

Nancy Friese received a Master of Fine Arts in printmaking from Yale University School of Art and a Certificate of Fine Arts from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where she studied painting and printmaking. A member of ArtTable, Friese resides in Rhode Island and North Dakota and teaches at Rhode Island School of Design. Her works are in over 100 private collections and 50 corporate and museum collections including the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Hammer Museum UCLA, the Spencer Museum of Art and the Portland Art Museum. Visit

The Pearlman Gallery is on the first level
 of the North Building at 1212 Jackson Street
 across from the Kroger Parking Garage. 
All exhibitions are free and open to the public. 
Gallery hours are Monday Friday 9-9 
and Saturday and Sunday 9-5.  


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