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Our Open Studio concept is created so that people
 new to the studio get a chance to come in when there
 is a monitor available to help them get acquainted with the studio
 and to aid them if needed.  It is also meant to create 
a time for members to use the space while others 
are around in order to benefit from
 a sense of community and exchange.
Newly interested artists are allowed to 
attend two Open Studios FREE OF CHARGE to 
“try” the space out before deciding to join. 
 For members the $5/hour or $50/month studio rate still applies. 
 Unless you have joined at the $150 rate, 
which gets you unlimited studio time for the year. 
Membership form located on the blog sidebar.  
(New members signing up November 1st or later
 receive the rest of this year and the following year.)
This week we will go back to our old method
 of signing in for members.  There will be a binder there 
and each artist will have their own sign-in page so that
 dates/hours/$$paid can be kept track of easily.
  ($150 Members must still sign in)
Payment is expected by the last day of the month. 
 There will be envelopes, addressed to me,
 available again at the studio by next week.
  You can use these to mail in your payment 
or leave a check with Susan.
The open studio schedule, for the next few weeks,
is posted on the right sidebar of the blog.

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