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Susan Naylor, Lirie VanSchaik, Nikki Orleman and Theresa Gates Kuhr, Tiger Lily members, drove to St. Louis last week for the 4 day conference of the Southern Graphics Council International. Each of us split up and went in different directions visiting lectures, projects, demonstrations and exhibitions that interested us. There was SO-O-O much to do that we literally would just pass each other by every once in awhile heading to different buildings and studios on the Washington University’s campus and the Sam Fox School of Art. There were a few absolutely stand-out artist talks that we would like to highlight, so stay tuned for more blog posts.

In the meantime, visit the Tiger Lily facebook page and run through the many photos submitted with captions by Susan and Theresa to get a feeling for the flair of the week. Check out Susan Naylor’s personal Facebook page for part of the talk by Tiger Lily supporter, Brian Stuparyk. He participated in PRINTA KUCHA, a special presentation format in which each of the 11 presenters was allowed 20 images shown for 20 seconds each – giving 6 minutes and 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter was up.
In addition to this, visit Theresa Gates Kuhr’s personal facebook page for even more photos of the Capture, Cut, Print demo using a CNC Router and computer software to create woodcuts of conference participants, photos of Wash.U.’s print studio ventilation system, the FARMVILLE and MONSTERCISE IT projects and more.

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