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a friend from flickr,
recently posted his “fifteen second print” video
(..if it were only that quick and easy!)

He’s a member of the 

Make sure to check out that unusual
sheepskin press blanket that
he’s using!

Fifteen-second print

“Spread ink onto the plate with a piece of card, 
getting it into all the grooves and lines; wipe the excess off with
 a bundle of scrim, being careful not to take off so 
much that you remove all the tone from the surface;
 put the plate on the press and place a piece of 
damp paper on top of it;
 lay sheepskin blankets on top of that; and run it through the press.
It actually takes closer to fifteen minutes,
 but you wouldn’t want to watch that video.
Because I’ve been doing so much screen-printing, 
it’s been a few years since I’ve printed an etching
 (and a little longer since the last time that I actually made an etching plate),
 and today I discovered that there’s a lot
 of stuff to forget, and that I’ve forgotten most of it.
 It’ll come back to me, I’m sure…”


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