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Collage Book Workshop
with Bea Nettles
Saturday, September 25, 2010
Hosted by the Cincinnati Book Arts Society


Bea will be teaching us her Collage Book. This sophisticated,
 but simple book structure
gives you an opportunity to synthesize photographs,
 drawings, text, assorted papers and
two-dimensional imagery into an imaginary journey.
 Five stocky pages will be created
covering them entirely with your collages.
They will then be “perfect bound” along one edge with a simple
technique using a strip of leather.
 The resultant book is strong and stands well on its own.
Bea is Professor Emeritus from the University of Illinois
where she taught photography and book arts. She has
published over 12 offset books on autobiographical
 photographic themes and two textbooks (on alternative
photographic processes, and now a bookbinding guide).
 She won two National Endowment Fellowships for her
photography. She has taught workshops on artists’ books
and/or photography at Penland School, Pyramid
Atlantic, International Center for Photo in NYC,
and for numerous universities and associations.
 Her website is here.
Complete info &  reservation form

can be found here.


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