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Michael Barnes, The Blessing, lithograph, 18″ x 14 1/2″, 2009 Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art Incised, Bitten and Gouged:  Anchor Graphics and  the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative,  20 Years of Printmaking July 30 – September 12, 2010 more info is here

Collage Book Workshop with Bea Nettles Saturday, September 25, 2010 Hosted by the Cincinnati Book Arts Society   Bea will be teaching us her Collage Book. This sophisticated,  but simple book structure gives you an opportunity to synthesize photographs,  drawings, text, assorted papers and two-dimensional imagery into an imaginary journey….

TLP Members: If you have any supplies stored in the studio, that you’re currently not using, please come in and begin removing them.   We need to start cleaning out  the studio for our upcoming move.   Check the sidebar for open studio times.    

Calendar Artists:   The deadline is looming for completion of your calendar page, August 31st!   Don’t forget to let us know  when you’ll be coming in to print your block.   August dates will be posted here soon.

  Reminder: This Monday, July 26th, the studio will be open for calendar printing. 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM   Monitored by Theresa Gates-Kuhr    

Angee, Director of Spudnik Press in Chicago, has kindly allowed me to share these photos of their miniature print dispensers! They take them to art festivals & craft fairs as a fun way to raise money for the Press. What a great idea! Spudnick Press can also be found on:…

  “Starry Night Festival “   A Music and Arts Festival in West Lafayette, Indiana  has invited Tiger Lily Press to set up an area to demonstrate  printmaking and sell prints and posters  at their annual festival. We would need a group of artists (3-5) for the booth.    Additionally,…

Tiger Lily Press  is now on Facebook!   Check us out here,  and click on the “like” button!

On Sunday, July 11th., Aaron Kent had a space set up at the Over the Rhine event called “Second Sunday in OTR” Not only was he selling his own work, but  also helping to promote Tiger Lily Press! Thanks to Susan for the photos!

Press Release

Print Universe where printmakers from all over the world can get their heads together   here