January 31, 2009

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January 31, 2009
Annual Meeting / Xerox Transfer Class
taught by
April Foster
Save the date now for the Tiger Lily Press Annual Meeting Saturday, January 31 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. All are welcome.  We will take a half an hour break and then begin the Xerox Transfer Class at 11:30. April Foster, from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, will be teaching the class.
Class cost and more details will follow.

One Comment so far:

  1. Wow I wish they had something like that down here in California! I mean there are a lot of people down here and it would most definitely be a memorable day in a kodak moment type of history!
    It really does look like a fun event and I wonder what other events like it they have planned! 🙂
    With events like this Im sure with its positivity it will only enhance smiles all around the world!